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Come see these Featured Seminars, free Workshops, and Entertainment at the Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo and Conference.

Featured Seminars are $10 each or are free when you purchase the Conference Package for $25.

Workshops are free and are included with your Expo admission.

Please check back as we add more to the Expo Event Schedule.

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Below is the events schedule from the Fall 2017 Spiritual Wellness Expo.

Check back soon as we develop the Spring 2018 schedule.


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Are you Clairvoyant?

Reverend Peggy Stuart
Friday, 7-9PM — Featured Seminar — $10

Have you ever been aware there is more to life than meets the eye? Do you close your eyes and have rich vivid images or visions? Have you ever been told you have an overactive imagination or that "you just imagined it" and "it's not real" when you saw a dark cloud around a moody person or an angelic presence around a child?

Maybe you are clairvoyant!

Come find out what Clairvoyance is.

Clairvoyance is an ability of the 6th Chakra (located in the center of your head) to see clearly: spirit, mental image pictures and energy. In this workshop we will use simple, easy energy exercises to explore the possibilities of your own unique clairvoyant ability.

This workshop will be taught by Reverend Peggy Stuart, a Clairvoyant and Spiritual Teacher at the Reno Psychic Institute.


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Gvwi Music

Eric Ray
Saturday 11:00am — Atrium

Eric Ray will perform his unique style of inspiring and uplifting Native American Flute music.

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Angels Around You

Alex Treglazoff-Dober
Saturday 11:00am — Free Workshop

Have you felt or perhaps seen a presence around you but not sure what that is? Do you sense colors around you?

Come find out what is happening around you in the fun and uplifting presentation. Alex will guide you with her soothing voice into a quick meditation on opening your third eye. We will then discuss the different colors and what the meanings are.

Random guests will be selected for Alex to read the energy around them. Of course, messages will be included through out the presentation. Come enjoy a peaceful and healing start to your day.

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Tap Into Your Intuition!

Brenda Ridgeway
Saturday 12:00PM — Free Workshop

Explore your potential to connect with the Spirit World. Brenda will teach you how easy it is to tap into your intuition by learning to feel and listen to your inner voice opening your own sixth sense through two easy exercises.

Brenda will deliver a few messages to the audience from spirit.

Brenda studied at Arthur Findlay College in London and is an internationally known psychic medium, healer and teacher who hails from Dublin, Ireland. She delivers her services of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience with conviction because her work is based on trust and love through spirit.

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Minstrel of Healing Music

Jim Eaglesmith
Saturday 1:00PM — Balcony

As a Minstrel of Healing and a Sacred Storyteller, Jim’s music is his way of gently touching the Heart's longing for itself.

Inspirations for his presentations are inspired from Ancient Wisdom cultures who infused their stories with an indwelling Spirit gleaned from direct experience. With Music in his Soul, Jim endeavors to touch the Heart of Humanity through Loving service.

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Calling in the Angels to Help with the Current Fire Energy Shifts

Marilyn Lawrence
Saturday 1:00PM — Free Workshop

Just when we think things are getting better we get hit by the Big Fire Energy Shift!

Did you feel it? Do you still?

The universe has been full of signs of the fire energy—solar flares, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, forest fires...the list can go on. Few have not witnessed nor even been a part of the fire energy. Tempers were heightened, irregularities in character were evident...everything was "Fired Up".

However, this is not a bad thing despite what it feels like. This "firing time" is creating an opportunity for us to look at obsolete, completed, and false contracts and relieve/release them..."fire them".

Let’s call in the Angels and ask them to help us identify our contracts and aid us in the "firings".

Let’s bring cooling energy in to balance the fire energy in our lives.

And, let’s call in the Angels to give us directions forward.

"Mastery is not simply a word; it is an action to become the best one can be." Today we will Master things together.

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Harnessing the Energy of Crystals

Dr. Gary Douglas
Saturday 2:00PM — Free Workshop

Come join Dr. Gary Douglas and learn to harness positive energy in an electrically charged workshop.

People, places, and things can drain and disrupt your natural energy flow and mood. Discover what you can do to ground, center and protect yourself by harnessing the energy and frequency of crystals and minerals of the earth and through simple methods of thought shifting and breath. From a place of being grounded you can easily manifest the things you want in your life, improve your mood, and feel energized and centered both emotionally and physically.

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Music Man

Michael Dober
Saturday 3:00PM — Atrium

Michael will be playing old favorites with a new twist! Michael will be offering original music, meditation music and background music.

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The Angels Among Us

Laura Peppard
Saturday, 3:00PM — Featured Seminar — $10

What is an Angel? Angels are Spiritual Beings without bodies but Angels are also here among us.

In this workshop we will explore the "virtues" or character qualities, the energy, that we recognize as Angelic. As you learn to communicate with your Angels, you can recognize those unique qualities that lift us out of ourselves to be be able to give unconditionally.

Explore the perspective that takes you out of the center of your universe and brings you to a more global view. Heal the issues that keep you from the angel within.

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Interactive 'Energy Playshop' with Gifts

Kaitlyn Keyt - Vibes Up
Saturday 4:00PM — Free Workshop

Come experiment, play and experience the wonders of vibrational energy. Receive a nature tool to do instant energy work and learn experiments to test your results. Bring a friend who has pain and wants to experience an instant profound shift. (So exciting!)

EVERYTHING is Vibrational ENERGY! Understanding it opens our world up to exciting new discoveries and solutions. Time will fly on this edge of your seat interactive Learning Journey! All who attend receive a Complimentary energy charging tool or pain support Gift. ($30 Value.)

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Choosing Love in Times of Chaos

Cathleen Hylton
Saturday 4:30PM — Free Workshop

Times are indeed challenging. There is a lot of hate and pain being thrown around all around us. As a sensitive person, it can be difficult not to react to it all.

Come join Cathleen as she guides you through a calming and centering centering meditation!! Find Love and a place of being centered in the midst of all the tension and chaos.

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Miracles with John of God

Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon
Saturday 5:00PM — Free Workshop

Join Kathleen as she talks about her experiences working with the John of God Entities. Come learn more about what John of God is all about.

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Mediumship Gallery Reading

Karen and Steve
Saturday 5:30PM — Free Workshop

Karen and Steve are divinely guided and inspired Psychic Mediums and Spiritual Healers. It is their life's mission to deliver compelling messages of comfort, hope and joy from the other side. Currently touring to wowed audiences and rave reviews, they are just back from an awesome and miracle filled gallery reading event in Hollywood.

Come join them as they demonstrate their wonderful abilities. Don't miss it!

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Dinner Concert

Jim Eaglesmith and Eric Ray
Sunday 6:30-8PM — Atrium — Special Event

Join Jim Eaglesmith and Eric Ray together collaborating for a special evening of imaginative storytelling and inspired original music!


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The Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation Experience

Merrilee and Jeff
Sunday, 10:00am — Free Workshop

Let yourself be surrounded by the resonant tones of the Special Alchemy series of Crystal Singing Bowls, created by melting pure quartz crystals at 3000-4000 degrees and combining them with various gemstones and minerals. The bowls vibrate with both their musical tones and with the frequencies of Amethyst, Citrine, Moldavite, Gold, Platinum, and more, facilitating a harmonization and balancing of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Most people report that they are able to go into a deep, sustained state of meditation while listening to the bowls.

Our crystal singing bowls are twelve sacred alchemy sound vibrational frequencies in which Jeff and Merrilee are honored to be the keepers and ringers of them.

Merrilee Burke is a certified Reiki Master. She is an officially ordained Akashic Records Reader, wherein the Ascended Masters reveal their truth as needed for clarification on life experiences. As a Psychic Medium, loved ones who have transitioned may be contacted. She is an intuit for Angel Tarot Readings. Merrilee is a certified Sound Therapy Tuning Forks Facilitator, certified Regeneration Healing and Healing Touch I practitioner. Her and her beloved, Jeff, ring the twelve sacred Crystal Singing Bowls for a relaxing and healing meditative experience. Also, as an accredited Montessori teacher, she has spent 25 years observing the spiritual journeys of many souls. Parents may ask about their children through their readings. She is also an author and invites you to enjoy her first book, "Dreamcatcher Garden - A Sacred Journey". Merrilee’s vision is that all may be healed through light and sound vibrations that connect us to our inner wisdom and healing power.

Jeffrey Leep began his musical journey in the classical world as a bassoonist, and then broadened his horizons to become a saxophone, flute, and steel drum player with rock ’n’ roll bands. He currently is the principal bassoonist for the Reno Philharmonic, the President of Leep Entertainment, and leader of The World’s Most Dangerous Party Band and The Jeff Leep Orchestra.

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Gvwi Music

Eric Ray
Sunday 11:00am — Atrium

Eric Ray will perform his unique style of inspiring and uplifting Native American Flute music.

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History of Hemp

GEMM Farms
Sunday 12:00PM — Free Workshop

Come learn about the history of hemp and the many uses and benefits of industrialized hemp products in a modern sustainable society in this informative and entertaining workshop.

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Minstrel of Healing Music

Jim Eaglesmith
Sunday 1:00PM — Balcony

As a Minstrel of Healing and a Sacred Storyteller, Jim’s music is his way of gently touching the Heart's longing for itself.

Inspirations for his presentations are inspired from Ancient Wisdom cultures who infused their stories with an indwelling Spirit gleaned from direct experience. With Music in his Soul, Jim endeavors to touch the Heart of Humanity through Loving service.

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Collaborating With Your Own Life

Reverend Dale Lawrence
Sunday 1:00PM — Free Workshop

Join Dale as he takes you on a Journey of Personal Awareness, Personal Life Connectivity and Wellness Coloration.

Over the past 45 years, Dale has been diagnosed with and lived beyond terminal Systemic Lupus in 1974, numerous heart attacks, a kidney transplant, emergency open heart surgery, terminal Cancer diagnosis, crushed vertebra and spinal illness. With help from Spirit and by his own choice, Dale lives and thrives now, today!

Join Dale for real life spiritual thinking, his humor, and his coaching in this very unique, engaging, informative and at sometimes, down right funny way. He will share his many tools for healing your life, your mind and your heart and how to heal your body. You will leave with inspiration and belief.

"All wellness, physical, mental or otherwise begins with the real you, your belief system… your spiritual self and what you do with self in a collaboratively defined way. Live your best self NOW! It is your birth right." - Reverend Dale Lawrence

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Music Man

Michael Dober
Sunday 2:00PM — Atrium

Michael will be playing old favorites with a new twist! Michael will be offering original music, meditation music and background music.

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Grounding 101

Jeffery Davis
Sunday, 2:00PM — Free Workshop

Do you feel ungrounded, discombobulated, or a bit "beat up" at times?

No worries, help is at hand! Learn the simple and basic spiritual techniques to be more grounded, focused and centered and be less affected by the chaos around you.

Jeffery Davis is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Clairvoyant at the Reno Psychic Institute.

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Trance Medium Channeling Event

Reno Psychic Institute
Sunday, 3:00PM — Featured Seminar — $10

Bring your energy into present time from times and places you have left it due to trauma and experiences that have not been processed and integrated.

This is a healing space offered by a Channeled Spirit Healer specializing in time travel and soul retrieval.